LG is not only a phone maker or TV maker, since they also have a screen panel making division and they’re also a mobile phone carrier in South Korea. Said carrier launched a Samsung tablet, so yes, we can say LG launched a Samsung tablet.


The device is called “Homeboy” and it’s supposed to be the local equivalent to the Amazon Kindle. LG is the third largest wireless carrier in South Korea and the device they’ve just launched comes with solid TV features, that are big in Asia. It allows users to access 50 TV channels, movies, millions of music tracks and tens of thousands of e-books.

You can also use the Homeboy as a security system, by leaving the device active with its camera on and pointed at the living room. So, LG has launched a Samsung tablet ahead of its own slates this year. Awkward? Not really, but what happens when Samsung becomes a huge carrier? Monopoly?