The tablet market has really seen one of the greatest expansions in recent history for last year and it looks like we are looking forward to an even greater 2013. We´ve got Android and iOS tablets, also with Windows 8 products that are slowly becoming the replacement for ultrabooks.


LG Electronics has not rushed into the Windows 8 tablet market, choosing a rather strong orientation towards the Android smartphone share. For this year and with the occasion of the famous MWC show in Barcelona, LG will unveil its latest product for the Windows 8 tablet-hybrid market. The device follows the Microsoft guidelines for the new version of the OS devices and has a lot in comun with the Surface tablet. It is light, very well shaped and packing a powerful configuration.


LG has made the Tab-Book oriented towards both productivity and mobility, the two assets that are the strongest at this time. The device features a hardware attached keyboard that is comfortable to type on and a high-quality IPS display improved with wide 178-degree viewing angles. The device has an Auto-Sliding mechanism that is operated by a touch of a button and gets into shape in no-time. There is a 5-point multi-touch screen, LTE and the Intel Core i5 is on-board to make sure that everything works just as it should.

The Tab-Book is going to appeal to consumers who want the convenience of a tablet but also the productivity of a notebook and don’t want to carry two devices all the time,” said Il-geun Kwon, Senior Vice President and Head of the LG Home Entertainment Company’s IT Business Unit. “Many other products that claim to do both require making too many sacrifices in performance and weight. We think we’ve hit the perfect balance here and with super fast LTE connectivity, we’re delivering true convergence of computing and mobile devices.”