Lenovo U1 is a pretty original device, a hybrid that combines the design and features of a notebook with a tablet. Lenovo business director Xiong Wen claims that this slate will arrive in 2011, a statement made during the Zhongguancun Innovation Expo 2010 in Beijing.

Meanwhile, we learn that both the LePad handset and the tablet hybrid will reach China this year, while the international release will wait till next year. The Lenovo IdeaPad U1 was a very popular piece of gadgetry at CES 2009, as it features a detachable screen, that can also be used as a touch-tablet.

Both the display section and the rest of the gadget sport their own individual processors and operating systems. Windows 7 is used on the base unit, while a Linux build was fit onto the slate. Lenovo was supposed to ship the device in Spring 2010, but it decided to wait a bit longer and go with Android instead of Linux.