Right now Intel is one of the most important players on the PC market and hopes to move this winning attitude to the tablet segment. MeeGo might play a vital part of this, but the hardware is the real question here. Will the Intel x86 processors take the heat of the rivals from ARM and their RISC-based chips?

Matt Wilkins, principal analyst for computer platforms at iSuppli is convinced that a new system on a chip solution could save the day. Known as Oak Trail, this SoC is designed exclusively for slates and comes with 50% less power consumptions than previous Intel solutions, plus support for full HD video.

Oak Trail is able to support three operating systems: Android, Windows 7 and MeeGo, with the latter being Intel’s favorite, we assume. Wilkins also mentioned that Intel Atom’s revenues have decreased sequentially in Q3 by 4%, so it’s safe to say a new platform is needed.