The Lenovo Yoga Book was a beloved product, ever since it came out last year, appreciated in both its Windows and Android version.  We reviewed it here. Unveiled at IFA 2016, the device was also supposed to have a third version, one that would bring Chrome OS into the mix. The device had the codename “Pbody” and now it’s dead.

It was supposed to be a Skylake machine, a trend we’ve seen lately with a few high end Chromebooks popping up here and there. Sporting a touch keyboard on a Chrome OS laptop would be a premiere but the project didn’t make the cut. People gave the Yoga Book a lot of love for its halo keyboard last year and for its abilities to let you write on paper, overlapped on top of the touch area.

And recently Android has come into play, as the Chrome OS devices were allowed to install apps from the Play Store. It seems that the whole touch keyboard concept wasn’t playing nice with Chrome OS, or something like that. A “touch_keyboard” module is being baked into Chrome OS, so there’s a bit of hope for the future. Considering Lenovo already built an affordable version of the Yoga Book, a Chrome OS one was a no brainer, if you ask me.

Lenovo may have believed that such an endeavour wouldn’t be profitable…