After Acer’s harsh criticism related to the Microsoft Surface tablet, now here comes Lenovo with some extra attacks. The company’s executives said that Lenovo can beat Microsoft on hardware and that they’re not worried about Surface at all. These claims came during the Q1 2013 earnings call, where executives attacked their partner, Microsoft.

Everyone is complaining about Microsoft these days and over the past weeks, HP and Toshiba retired from the Windows RT initiative. If the rumors about the $199 Surface Tablet are true, then Microsoft will be making more enemies than friends. Could this have been their strategy all along? Lure companies to Windows 8 together and then get them all angry? Of course, that’s basically impossible, since it would be an unfair strategy, maybe as unfair as what they’re doing to Nokia now.

Anyway, back to Lenovo’s words, CEO Yang Yuaqing said that Microsoft is just one of the many competitors they have, although they don’t like that MS is providing its own hardware. In the end, just like Acer’s main man he reminded everyone that Microsoft is still a partner and everything is fine between the two companies and they believe in Windows 8. Will Microsoft handle the tension it created with Surface?