Lenovo was busy making claims these days, so after saying that they don’t like the idea of the Surface Tablet and that they can come up with better hardware, now they’ve unveiled the price difference between Windows RT tablets and Windows 8 models. We previously supposed there was going to be a difference, since the Windows 8 models get pricier components.

Lenovo said that the Windows RT tablets will cost $200 to $300 less than Windows 8 devices. I’m not sure if the difference will also apply in the case of the Surface tablets, but seeing that the RT version is rumored to cost $199, it would make sense to sell the Windows 8 Pro Surface for $500 in this case. Windows 8 tablets work on Intel chips and AMD ones, while Windows RT slates rely on ARM-based chips. RT will be all about consumers and aggressive pricing, says David Schmoock, head of Lenovo’s North American business.

Windows 8 will probably be more about business and corporate customers. The same official claims that we could see Win 8 tablets going for $600 to $700 in the following months. For Win 8 to succeed Microsoft and its partners will need some strong first weeks of sales following its launch. Lenovo’s official is also saying that he has faith in the ultrabooks as well, but he’s not sure that they can make it to Intel’s aggressive targets and goals.