Leica Geosystems announced recently that it was selecting the fully rugged XZ70 tablet from Getac for its Leica Zeno GG04 Plus Tablet package. This is a package meant for utilities, public services and transportation, as well as construction.

The partnership allows Leica Geosystems to offer a comprehensive geospatial data collection for its customers, no matter the terrain and weather conditions. The Zeno Mobile data collection app and ZenoGG05 plus smart antenna are meant to help customers capture accurate geospatial data in the field. These are obtained with the aid of the Getac ZX70 Android tablet.

Leica Geosystems has thus created a solution that offers measurement accuracy, connectivity and durability in a single package. The device is easy to use with a single hand, making it popular for the demanding field surveying work. The Leica Zeno Mobile software is put to work here, for improved accuracy in the GNSS positioning system. Any authorized Android app can be installed on the machine.

Other features include a 7 inch IPS display, easy to read in any environment, including in direct sunlight. There’s also a LumiBond 2.0 touchscreen, which lets you operate the slate in the rain and with gloves on. We’ve also got a 4G modem here, that can transmit large data files pretty fast, even from the more remote locations. Clearly not a product for the average user, the device is meant for tough environments and isolated areas.