You’ve all heard of Xiaomi, the company that makes quite a few smartphones out there, two tablets, water purifiers, TV sets and rice cookers. Now they’re dabbling into the area of notebooks apparently, as shown by the leak of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook below.


Shaped very much like a MacBook, the device has just leaked out of China. Rumors talk about a 12.5 inch device here and a general size and format similar to the MacBook’s. Back in 2015 Richard Lee, Inventec chairman confirmed that they were making a laptop for Xiaomi. There will actually be 3 sizes of the device: 12.5 inch, 13.3 inch and 15.6 inch.

The biggest version will pack a Full HD screen, Intel Core i7 4th gen CPU, 8 GB of RAM and 2 GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 760M GPU. Windows 10 will be the OS of choice, obviously. Xiaomi’s usual strategy will be in place, undercutting rival MacBooks and Lenovo ThinkPads by tens of dollars, if not hundreds. The same rumors mentioned the price of $470 for the 15 incher, which sounds too good to be true.

We take everything with a grain of salt here.