This goes to show that a company should be careful with advertising. It’s just like the cases when companies sold “4G” phones, when they were actually HSPA+ and not LTE… Anyway this time a California lawyer is suing Microsoft for selling him the Surface RT tablet with less storage than advertised.

Andrew Sokolowski is the Los Angeles lawyer who claims that he bought the slate with 32 GB of storage last week. However, he ran out of space real fast, after copying some music and Microsoft Word documents on his slate. The thing is that a big portion of the 32 GB were used by the OS and preinstalled apps, like Word or Excel. In the end about 16 GB were actually available for use. Sokolowski’s lawyers are suing for false advertising and unfair business practices, seeking class action status.

The aim here is to change the way MS advertises the product and forces the company to give back revenue/profits generated with the aid of the promotions. Microsoft has already responded, saying that the suit is “without merit”. The company claims that customers understand the OS and preinstall applications are present in the internal storage, thus leaving less space available. Microsoft does say on its website that the 32 GB Surface actually offers 16 GB of free space and the 64 GB model offers 45 GB.

On the iPad, for example the storage space for OS and Apple preinstalled apps is separate from the one of the user, so you get what you pay for, I guess…