An interesting piece of news came today, as Jolla apparently decided to split into two companies. The company claims it’s going to focus on mobile development, but that doesn’t leave the Jolla Tablet in the air, since the product is going to be delivered to Indiegogo backers soon. However, there are still some supply issues holding back the process.


“Supply issues of certain hardware components” were mentioned. This wouldn’t be the first time the slate was delayed, since back in April we got an extension till “the end of July”, because of some last minute changes brought to the slate. Sailfish OS 2.0 needed some more work and the screen got changed back then, in favour of one with better color spectrum.

The Jolla Tablet story began in November last year and it wasn’t all hype, since the device was so appreciated, it won “Best Tablet of MWC 2015“, at the famous show in Barcelona this year. This crowdsourced device got almost $2 million in funding and over 13k funders interesting in the project chipped in. For those who want some background, Jolla is formed by people who worked at Nokia on the MeeGo project and left the company looking for something better.

I sure hope that this firm can stick to the end of July deadline and won’t postpone the product further, since that’s bad PR.