When you hear about an eReader that’s priced three times the amount you pay for the Kindle Fire, you’ll tend to go “boo”, but hear me out this time. The JetBook Color Deluxe is certainly more than meets the eye, since it offers some unique features you’ll never find on other slates or ereaders this year.

JetBook Color Deluxe comes with a 9.7 inch 1600 x 1200 pixel Triton color E Ink screen, so it’s one of the Ereaders with a low power color ePaper screen. However, the real appeal here is that magical pen, the C-Pen text scanner. Yes, you’ve read it right: this accessory can capture text line by line, so it’s a genuine scanner inside a pen. You can also capture text on curved or uneven surfaces, making things even cooler. This is a real goldmine for students and people who have to transcribe stuff on a regular basis. It may not be faster than your average speedy scanner, but when you’re always on the go and there’s no scanner around, this should do it.

When you pair the pen with the JetBook eReadr, you’ll be able to scan text from a physical book straight on to the JetBook, so it’s a very cool way to turn your classmate’s notes into your digital textbook, if you skipped certain classes.