Amazon is expected to unveil the Kindle Fire 2 next week during a special event, but apparently there’s more to it then we expect. Either new product or another one from the future will be a dual screen slate, as revealed by a recent patent application filed by the famous company. Documents show a device with two screens: a color display on one side and a low power E Ink screen on the other.

Usually tablets nowadays arrive with full color displays with high refresh rates, useful for playing games, watching videos and enjoying other benefits. The Apple iPad can run for 10 hours on a charge, but the Amazon Kindle can reach up to 30 hours thanks to its lower power E Ink display. Combining these two would result in a very good battery life on a new slate and you should know that no power is used to show text or pictures on an E Ink screen. The screen only draws power when it refreshes the image, meaning that happens when you turn the page of a book.

If Amazon does include both technologies on its new slate, it will make the line between tablet and e-reader even thinner and give us crazy good battery life. Users could also rely on this new device as an ereader at times and as a full fledged Android tablet other times. Nice to see Amazon got this patent for this tech, before others beat them to it.