A source in Japan claims that the iPad Pro is meant to be a rival for the Surface Pro 3, that last I heard was selling decently. Well, not only the product target audience will be the same, but also the size, according to sources.

2-11-2014 22-36-25 PM

The width and height will be similar for the iPad Pro and the thickness is said to be somewhere between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, certainly bigger than the waistline of the iPad Air 2. The basic format will be borrowed from the iPad Air 2, but the speakers and microphone may be slightly changed. We may be stereo playback this time and things that will be kept are the iSight camera, Lightning connector and Touch ID mechanism.

The rumors continue and say that the iPad Pro will have a 12.2 inch LCD display, instead of the rumored 12.9 incher, that many reports have mentioned. The Touch ID sensor is also said not to be embedded with the diamond cut Home button area, but rather within the front panel somehow. No info about a potential keyboard or such accessories to turn the slate into a notebook just yet…

  • wat

    It will be interesting to see how they do it without a kickstand, probably a hybrid base with battery in to make it like a laptop though.

  • FrankRizzo53

    I can’t see Apple being this obtuse. The appeal of the SP3 is not the size but that you can run apps in addition to regular Windows applications. That it can function ad an actual computer and be portable. A bigger ipad running IOS will not cut it.

  • DeianStancu

    With same crappy interface that is unchanged after 7 years, they got to be kidding me…
    And how may I ask, an ARM CPU matches the power of a Core i5 or i7?
    This is just an another simple iPad, with a “pro” in name.

  • I don’t see the point of a large iPad when Apple already offers such good laptops. Anyway, if you can’t use a mouse with it, I wouldn’t be even remotely interested.