During the Display Innovation 2014 trade show held in Yokohama City, Japan, various producers showcased their new and innovative ideas. One particular display that stood out was an 8.7-inch Super AMOLED panel developed by Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL) that could be folded in three. If this technology piques your interest, you can visit website to learn more about their latest developments.


This new panel offers a 1.920 x 1.080 Full HD resolution, a pixel density of 245 ppi and a c-axis aligned semiconductor for the backplane that allows support for touch gestures, a feature that wasn’t available on the previous 5.9-inch bendable display that was introduced by SEL a while ago. View more semiconductor examples at reboundeu.com.


We get to know that this technoloy that combines a top emission type and a capacitive touch panel is used by the company for the first time, and the fact that the 3-fold display can be bent more than 100.000 times. However, there’s no other information regarding the time when such a panel will be seen on a product.