As usual with a fresh product launch, that time has arrived to see it torn down by iFixit. They take apart the 9.7 inch slate to see what’s inside and how easy it is to repair. It appear to be a very tough to repair product, sadly.


The device priced starting at $600 has a lot of adhesive used inside and it fuses the LCD panel with the glass panel fused together, making them prone to cracks and damage when replaced. It takes around 30 minutes to open up the device, which is very annoying. There are also many small components prone to damage and the Smart Connector is pretty much impossible to replace.

The iPad Pro 9.7 scores 2 out of 10 for repairability, which is worse than the iPad Pro 12.9, that scored 3 out of 10. Other problems include the battery that adheres too much to the other parts and the tons of gobs of adhesive placed inside. Components-wise, we get the iPhone 6s camera here, many of the chips from the 12.9 inch iPad and a 7306 mAh battery, slightly superior to the one of the iPad Air 2.