It’s a well known fact that Apple doesn’t advertise the waterproof abilities of its products, but that doesn’t stop reviewers and testers from dunking them in liquid. The iPad Pro 9.7 went through such a test, together with a Galaxy S7.

water ipad pro

The first contact with water was OK, because the tablet didn’t spontaneously shut down or show an error. The dunk takes place in 1 foot deep water and the tester claims that he did that with the first iPad Pro and while it did survive for a long amount of time, but it didn’t work afterwards. The 9.7 inch display works beautifully underwater and the color temperature and brightness seem great at first.

It’s only after 6 minutes that water damage becomes clear. The bottom right shows multiple layers of water damage. Then the slate starts opening random apps and random options and Settings. The water is filling the screen panel and spreads into the slate, towards the eight minute. The 9th minutes brings a very dim screen and then at minute 11, the screen glitches and shows the image messed up.

Finally, at minute 15, the the iPad Pro 9.7 goes dark and basically dies. The device is filled with water and there’s almost zero hope for it coming to life. Overall, I’d say that if you drop the tablet by mistake in the tub and take it out fast, you may have a chance, but with more than 7-8 minutes, the damage is pretty much permanent.