Jeff Bezos rocked the tech world today by posting on Twitter a hint towards a new “top of the line Kindle”. He said that the product is almost ready and set up an unveiling for the next week. This means we’ll be getting the 8th generation of the device ready.


This follows the very appreciated Kindle Voyage, that was available on the 7th gen Amazon e-readers. It’s not very clear if next week we’ll only find out details or we’ll see the product launch. The Kindle has been Amazon’s biggest hit, but other hardware initiatives haven’t exactly paid off, so they must pay attention to their core product.


The Fire Phone flopped in 2014, bringing a loss of $170 million to the company. Amazon did bounce back, by solidly entering cloud-based deals and Internet of things, so don’t expect them to be losing money any time soon. Things to expect for the new Kindle are an even better Night mode, which is the current trend, better battery and more storage maybe.