Since today is November 2nd, expect queues and big crowds at the iPad Mini and iPad 4 launches all over the world. US is a particularly troubled market these days, with Hurricane Sandy causing trouble, but that didn’t stop people from causing chaos at the US launch of the products, as shown in the picture below.

There’s also the problem with a lot of retailers and businesses that have to face Sandy and get the goods to their customers fast. Will supply chains take the heat of both a tropical storm and Apple’s stormy product launch? 250 Apple stores in USA take part in the launch and almost 150 stores in other countries. Two NYC stores, the SoHo and West 14th Street locations are closed because of the storm’s effects, so two less places to queue in front of. 3 stores in New Jersey are also affected, according to Apple’s site.

Also, for stores that are open, like the famous Fifth Avenue cube store, there’s the problem of transportation, with the flooded subway and crowded streets with cars because of that. Much of the public city transit system still feels the effects of Sandy, so it’s basically rampaging chaos for this launch.. Obviously, you can order online, unless you want to get the new 7.9 inch slate in your hands. The people who preordered the products are also a challenge, since they have to get the goods in due time… Will Apple handle this potential disaster?