I’m sure most of you have read about the announcements Google made this Monday on the 29th. It was the date when the new Nexus devices were announced, along with the Nexus 4, new versions for the Nexus 7 and the Samsung manufactured Nexus 10. It is also the date when Google presented for the first time the new version of Android – Jelly Bean 4.2.

With Android 4.2 tablet users now have the rumored multiple user support, all with their separate home screens widgets and apps. The feature also lets you switch users with ease. The new camera Photo Sphere feature lets you snap pictures in every direction that come together into very high resolution images that you can pan around. The keyboard has been updated with Gesture Typing that will let you introduce words using the powerful predictions of the standard keyboard and swiping gestures. Android 4.2 also lets you share movies, YouTube videos, and anything that’s on your screen on an HDTV just by connecting a wireless display adapter to any HDMI-enabled TV to mirror what’s on your screen. Google Now has also been updated with new features.

Google has announced that the new Nexus devices will be available for purchase starting November 13th. It is also the date when we expected the new version of the OS to arrive in the form of updates for the old Nexus devices. This includes the Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 7 tablet announced this year. According to the latest rumors, it seems the later will get updated very soon. According to Asus the new version will arrive “in the very near future.” We can expect it to arrive this month  if not on the same day with the new devices being officially available for purchase then soon after. In any case it is expected that we will see it by the end of the month.