Macotakara, a very good Japanese source for iDevice-related leaks has published a pic and video of the iPad Mini, this time in physical mockup form. The video shows the handling of a presumed iPad Mini, or better said a mockup created to fit speculations that have appeared so far.

The photo above also shows the device compared to a 15 inch MacBook Pro. It seems that the models are easy to get for as low as $13 and I can’t really figure out if these are fakes, functional units, clones of the unlaunched iPad or simply clones made after handling the real thing. As you can see, the new iPad has the new Lightning port from the iPhone 5 at the bottom and a design of the speakers once again similar to the one of the iPhone 5. The headphone jack is still at the top, although on the new iPhone it’s at the bottom.

The 7.85 inch iPad Mini has been rumored to be ready for launch for a while now and everything pointed towards an October release. Seeing how October starts tomorrow, it would be time for Apple to start sending invites… or for rumors to end. The latter sounds more likely and I guess that the debut is scheduled for March 2013 after all.