As usual with each quarter start, we find out the previous quarter’s results and it’s Strategy Analytics with the details this time. Android and Windows are coming strong from behind. The total number of tablets shipped in Q1 has reached 40.6 million.


That’s over double the 18.7 million amount from the same quarter in 2012. That’s the biggest year over year growth rate ever seen in the January-March time frame. The demand for tablets remains high and while iOS is the ruler with 48%, it’s a much smaller lead than the 63% from one year ago. Android has a 43% global share, thanks to the 17.6 million slates it moved in Q1, while in 2012 Q1 it only reached 34%.

Windows has a 7.5% share, up from basically zero last year. Keep in mind that this report only takes into account branded tablets, made by the likes of Apple, Samsung, ASUS, Lenovo and such, so white box makers may change the figures, if included…