Well, it was bound to happen… After all the leaks of the external shell of the iPad Mini, prices and launch dates, components have started trickling out. This time we’ve uncovered the battery of the 7.85 inch slate, that appeared in some shots published by 9to5mac.com. We’re dealing with a 16.7Whr/4490 mAh battery here, pictured below:

The power source is exactly 3 times the battery of the iPhone 5 and one third the 42.5Wh huge battery of the iPad 3. This ticker runs at 3.72 volts and its model number is A1445, with the Apple part number being 616-0641. So, we’re starting to count the days till October 23rd comes and we’re graced with the presence of the new iPad, in case Reuters’ scoop on that matter was right. Anyway, we’re starting to get the picture now, but we need to also score some pics of the CPU and other parts to get an idea of what the device is all about.

So far everything is predictable and the part I’m most curious about is the screen resolution. The storage won’t surprise us and neither will a 5 megapixel camera. The CPU is also a mystery, but there are only two choices: A5X or Apple A6, with the first being more likely.