Apple debuted an iPad Mini 6 this Fall and there are already rumors about a successor. The iPad Mini 7 (tentative name) is rumored to move on to a ProMotion 120 Hz screen. That may be a response to the jelly scrolling effect, in order to make scrolling smoother this time.

The future iPad Mini will keep the 8.3 inch diagonal, flat edges and most of the features of the current gen, perhaps moving to a new CPU. The leak comes from a Korean forum website and was shared on Twitter by @FrontTron. ProMotion is a proprietary Apple tech, that lets a screen go up to 120 Hz in refresh rate, or refresh 120 times per second. It appears on many Apple devices, like the iPad Pro, MacBook Pro 2021 and iPhone 13 Pro too.

The Jelly Scrolling issue is a problem that involves one side of the iPad Mini screen, which is refreshing slower than the other side. Refreshing the screen 120 times per second on the new model will solve the issue, apparently. MacRumors does claim that the source isn’t verified or accurate, so we take this with a grain of salt. A new iPad Mini should debut either in the Fall of 2022, or maybe in the Spring, if Appple also pulls off a Spring event.

By the way, the above mentioned panel is expected to be a mini LED.