A fresh batch of rumors has reminded us that there will be an iPad Mini 4 this year, apparently. The iPad Pro will be the main Apple tablet, but the iPad Mini 4 may also be interesting, if specced correctly. Info from Japan claims that the slate will have specs equivalent to the iPad Air 2.


Basically, the new Mini will be an iPad Air 2 smaller version, with the same slim waistline of just 6.1 mm. Specs will also include an anti reflective coating, full lamination display and the overall case design will be unchanged. The Apple A9 processor is rumored here, plus 2 GB of RAM, the same high resolution and maybe a bump in camera, to 8 megapixels.

The iPad Mini 3 was a bit of a letdown when it was released last year, because all it brought to the table compared to the iPad Mini Retina was a new color choice and fingerprint scanner, which wasn’t enough to be worth a buy. The Apple A7 CPU is starting to feel old on this tablet, so we’re certainly in need of an upgrade.