The lovely French folks of have managed to get their hands on leaks early enough, when it came to Apple devices. The record is kept and this time it’s the iPad Mini 2 that’s getting this treatment. You can see below a space gray version of the device and it looks pretty hot.


This color was selected for the iPhone 5S originally and we won’t be surprised if the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 get the same treatment. The idea of a gold iPad would be a bit too much, but who knows what Apple is thinking? More and more sources are talking about another special Apple event taking place on October 15th, following this month’s Apple event.

Let me remind you that the iPad Mini 2 is said to feature a Retina Display, improved CPU, camera and pretty much the same design as the predecessor. I also expect to see a fingerprint scanner here, although leaks didn’t point towards that… yet.