It appears that a standalone 5 inch ASUS phone and a PadFone Mini were not just talk when they leaked this summer, since they were just confirmed by the company’s CEO. Recently ASUS unveiled a new version of the PadFone Infinity and during the event CEO Jerry Shen spilled some beans on upcoming products.


Mr. Shen claims that ASUS will launch a standalone 5 inch ASUS smartphone either at CES 2014 in January or in February at MWC 2014. This year will also bring us an interesting new product, the PadFone Mini, that will arrive either in November or December. The device will be a combo between a 7 inch cradle tablet and a 4 inch handset, as expected.

Another move from ASUS was to increase its Android 2013 smartphone shipment forecast to 1.5 million units. They included the FonePad on the list, that’s counted as a phone because it can make traditional calls. Will ASUS leave a mark on the phone market? What do you think?