We’ve heard about tablets able to capture 3D videos and images, like the LG Optimus Pad, but what about a REAL 3D sensor? Such a feat can be achieved with the accessory shown below, the Structure Sensor.


This item has already achieved $370k, pasing the $100k intended mark and the deadling is November 1st, so the project will go through. This device allows tablets to capture models of rooms, 3D scan objects and play augmented reality games. You can also develop mobile applications with 3D sensing specifically tailored for this accessory.


The Structure Sensor has an optimized range, that starts at 40 cnm and reaches over 3.5 meters. It can capture an action figure or an entire room and it instantly makes me think about Kinect, for some rason. The accessory has its own power supply, with enough power for up to 4 hours of active use and 1000 or more hours of standby.

The device uses an anodized aluminum chassis and dual infrared LEDs. Here’s a demo: