We’ve seen a lot of images of the iPad Mini 2, but almost none of them had the Touch ID fingerprint scanner integrated into the Home button. That’s why I tend to believe that this image that just surfaced is in fact a fake.


We had a credible leak yesterday, showing us the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 together and only the bigger iPad had that fingerprint scanner. That actually makes sense, since Apple would want the iPad 5 to have a selling point other than just being bigger. They would probably keep Touch ID away from the iPad Mini 2, to offer it as a selling point for the bigger slate.

The same logic was spotted by analysts, who predicted double iPad Mini 2 sales compared to the iPad 5. Of course, a gimmick like the fingerprint scanner can’t make people buy a tablet, but who knows? Anyway, the most solid reason to doubt the image above is the color choice: the bezel around the device is silver, while the Touch ID is golden. Fake!