Apple has a big event tomorrow, October 22nd, most likely meant to debut a new 9.7 inch iPad and a new iPad Mini. Their invitation to the event reads “We still have a lot to cover” and indeed they do, as they may also debut a Surface-style keyboard accessory for the slates.


Of course, there’s a huge amount of third party iPad keyboards on the market, but none of them are made by Apple. You can only use the Apple standard desktop keyboard via Bluetooth, if you want. Apple’s brand new keyboard cover would use Bluetooth 4.0 and would probably work in a similar way with the Microsoft cover for Surface tablets.

Also, launching a similar accessory for the iPad Mini would counter both a potential PadFone Mini + accessories and a potential Surface Mini. The Smart Cover was hugely popular, so there’s room for an improvement and a new gadget of this kind. Is such a product ready for the big debut tomorrow?