Remember our Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 review? When we appreciated the device for everything but its creaking case we had no idea that some day it will fall into the same category as the Galaxy Tab 10.1: yet another Apple patent infringing device. Apple recently told a judge that Samsung’s 10.1 inch tablet with a stylus infringes its patents… and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean too.

Apple made the arguments on Tuesday to a US Magistrate, Judge Paul S. Grewal. The Cupertino giant’s move is basically a response to the attack on the iPhone 5, that was accused to infringe some patents at Samsung. Apple already won a $1.05 billion verdict against the Asian company back in August, in a separate patent case, but in the same court. Samsung started selling the Galaxy Note 10.1 in August, featuring a stylus, quad core CPU and overall a great and original package.

Samsung’s slates have been cleared of accusations, especially the Galaxy Tab 10.1, that was cleared of the ban on October 1st, after not being found guilty of breaching Apple intellectual property. Andrew Liao, Apple attorney told the judge that Galaxy Nexus is the only Jelly Bean handset that will be added to the complaint, plus 17 devices that could use a stylus, strange as that may seem. Is thus maybe a hint that Apple has a stylus-based toy in the making?

I guess we’ll know first and go to trial later, since the schedule for Jelly Bean’s trial is in 2014.