Winocm has set up an initiative that may sound very interesting to iPad owners. They want to make the Apple devices dual or triple boot machines, relying on various versions of iOS. Using their tool you may end up with an iPad 2 that runs iOS 6 and iOS 7 at the same time.


They can even set up a triple boot system, involving iOS 6, iOS 6 and iOS 7, as shown below in the video. Up until now the magic tricks behind this haven’t been released to the public, but a tool is in the making. iOS 7 support is not guaranteed for the release, since a bit more work is needed and bugs are present.

Winocm announced the release on Twitter and this gives people with older iPhones and iPads new hope of actually getting to use their devices once iOS updates stop coming. Neither iTunes, nor Evasi0n are used and none of the versions of iOS are signed. If this carries on, we may someday wake up with Android on our iPads. If it can manage to run with so little RAM…