Just as Apple revealed its stunning financial results, Steve Jobs took his time and attacked the other tablet makers. Also, Apple’s boss dismissed once and for all the rumors concerning the 7 inch iPad. In case you didn’t know, Apple shipped over 4.1 million iPad units over the last quarter, so it’s got some solid ground to talk about slates.

Jobs considers seven inch tablets “tweeners” and he’s sure that they can’t compete with the iPad, since they’re basically bigger phones. Also, Apple’s guru considers 7 inch slates dead from the start, specially if they have Android 2.2 on board, an OS that even Google deemed unfit for tablets. Gingerbread will change the game, but Apple’s CEO is quite right with all his claims.

Continuing to speak on these matters, Jobs mentioned that he sees Android as a fragmented experience, while iOS is not a closed platform, but rather an “integrated experience”. We’ll possibly hear some replies from tablet makers to match his harsh words over the next days.

[via IntoMobile]