We’re still getting used to the idea that TSMC will manufacture the Apple A8 processor and supposedly they’ve already started production and apparently the company is also getting cozy with the A9 CPU. Samsung is getting left out of the A8 and the A9, apparently…


Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is expected to get the contract for the 16 nm Apple A9 CPU. This processor is expected to rival the 14 nm Intel and Samsung chipsets. This new model will probably be included on the iPhone 7/ iPhone 6s or the next gen iPads from 2015. The 16 nm process is tentatively named FinFET Turbo, said the sources.

I was surprised to find out that TSMC is also working on greater and more noble projects, like making a chipset for controlling brainwaves of Epilepsy. This disease affects around 1% of the people in the world, so their initiative is welcome. Is TSMC the new IT company among the CPU makers? Will they be taken over?