Together with new shots of the iPhone 6 front panel, today we get to see shots of the iPad Air 2 flexible cables, that are pictured below. It’s all basic components, nothing fancy, bits and portions of the motherboard and other electronics.


While the iPhone 6 is expected to be a major change from the iPhone 5s, the iPad Air 2 may just be a slight upgrade of the Air, with minor aesthetic changes and the odd hardware modification. We’re expecting it to feature a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, a better camera, an Apple A8 CPU, more RAM, a thinner screen panel, different button placement and shapes and an improved front camera.

The overall thickness of the device may be smaller and the battery inside could be upgraded a bit. The iPad Air 1 received raving reviews, so it’s very hard to improve on that product, but it could still be done, especially if we get a surprise, such as an improved screen resolution and panel.