The series of Microsoft ads that attack Apple continues, today with a commercial that shows the Surface Pro 4 outperforming the iPad Pro, even with keyboard attached. You can watch it after the break.

surface ad

The iPad bashing ads have been a tradition at Microsoft, having started back in 2013, in the Windows 8 age and now that approach is back. The iPad Pro is used here as a prop, to have Siri saying out loud the drawbacks of the Apple big slate versus the Pro 4.

We learn there’s no trackpad, full desktop apps, or external ports, plus no processing power from the Core i series. The iPad Pro claims sadly that it’s “a computer, like the Surface Pro 4”, but then the party gets spoiled. Siri is actually talking to Cortana and Microsoft claims that just because you call something a computer, it doesn’t mean it actually is one.

I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of such ads and Apple will also retaliate.