The iPad 5 is supposed to adopt a new type of display technology, that will turn the new slate into a lighter and thinner model. The latest iPad 5 rumors from China say that Apple will be using the same display technology on the iPad 5 as on the iPad Mini.


Also bundled with the information is the rumor that the iPad 5 is coming in Q3 2013, much later than the April release we’ve been hearing about. Digitimes is reporting that suppliers are preparing the same thin film DITO (G/F2) touchscreen technology as the iPad Mini. The new display technology has already been tested and worked on the iPad Mini, making the device lighter and thinner.

Using such a technology, Apple would deliver an iPad 5 that’s 23% thinner and 53% lighter than the previous iPads. The new iPad may also use smaller bezels around the screen and also software that intelligently recognizes if your thumb is placed on the display by mistake or you’re interacting with it. The back plates of the iPad 5 that hit the web are supposed to look just like a larger iPad Mini. Is October too late for Apple to launch this flagship tablet?