A recent set of rumors from sources from the upstream supply chain are claiming that Microsoft will stop launching products under the Windows RT brand and it will merge this product line with the next generation Windows release. I’m talking about Windows Blue, that’s supposed to debut this summer.

Windows Blue

The next gen Windows is expected to debut at Microsoft Build Developer Conference 2013, that will take place in San Francisco, between June 26th and the 28th. Meanwhile, you are probably in need of a recap of the situation of Windows RT. You should know that Microsoft’s hardware partners invested heavily into promoting the platform and they did that aggressively. So much, that the customers actually thought the devices had more raw power and were on par with Windows 8 tablets.

In the end Windows RT came on underpowered slates, without the ability to run regular Windows x86 apps and taking forever to open up apps. Also, to that we add a totally useless Desktop mode and the UI of Office 2013 that seems keyboard and mouse oriented. Is this a sign that Windows RT is dying?