iOS 9.3 has been in beta testing for quite some time, so you’d think it would arrive without issues on compatible devices. Well, that’s not exactly accurate, since it would appear that some iPad Air 2 owners are reporting issues with their devices after the update.


There are enough of them to fill the Apple Support Communities portal and that’s pretty worrysome in my book. Customers have also complained on Twitter and fan dedicated sites and blogs. The slates simply get bricked and refuse to get activated after the installation of the update that brings Night Shift to them. Apple hasn’t discussed or addressed the issue right now.

An iOS 9.3.1 update will probably fix things, but in the meantime, the only recommendation we have is to try and do the iOS 9.3 update using iTunes after connecting the device to a computer, or performing a full restore, of course after having backed up. At least one communities member took his bricked device to a local Apple store, but even that didn’t help…