Although the Nokia N9 smartphone was supposed to be the first and last MeeGo device from Nokia, it seems the company is not leaving the OS behind. Inside sources are claiming that the Finns are working on yet another product and that the MeeGo team is still assembled. Could it be a tablet?

Considering the latest hype surrounding the Tabco story and the speculations about a Nokia tablet ever since we saw images leaked, a MeeGo slate from the Northern company wouldn’t be surprising. A year ago we spotted the first Nokia tablet prototypes and even a patent that copied the N8 design on a slate was seen.

The thing is that it doesn’t make sense to announce a device as your first and last MeeGo unit (N9) and then go back on your promise. One would do that if a product was hugely successful, but for the N9 we have no idea yet. People are expecting a great deal from Nokia, that’s supposed to be reborn from its ashes, just like a Phoenix. Will a MeeGo tablet fuel that rebirth?