Now that’s a creepy way to promote a tablet: sending a girl out in New York City with a cube of screens on her head. The cube includes at least one iPad and I’m guessing that it’s the iPad 2 being promoted here, in a very eerie way.

People take pictures, laugh at the bizarre lady with an iPad head, but there’s only one guy with enough guts to play with the device. I guess that Apple must have run out of ideas, since they’re using THIS as promotion method for one of their hottest selling products. Also, it’s pretty weird that the guy swiping the screen only checks out articles about sex and love and how to conquer chicks.

Between the Toshiba, LG and other companies’ ads mocking the lacking Flash on the iPad and such a strange promotion, I’d take the mockery any day, so sorry Apple… Maybe next time you’ll attach an iPhone 5 to the hand of a person and try to make it equally creepy in the process.