As some of you might have supposed from the start, iPad 2 will not be that much of an innovation, but rather an upgrade of the original Apple tablet . There’s also a mysterious Apple staffer being quoted as saying that the product unveiled today is all about a speed increase and redesign. He also claims that the iPad 3 will be a totally innovative product.

This anonymous staffer also says that the MobileMe service will also get cloud storage features and it will store music, TV shows and movies that you bought from iTunes. The source continues to divulge info and tells us not to get our hopes up for today’s launch, since the iPad 2 will only be a lighter and thinner version of its predecessor, packed with cameras with FaceTime support.

Meanwhile, the iPad 3 will be a product “to make a song and a dance about”, that sounds pretty interesting to us, mostly because the Apple staffer said that it also be released later this year. Back to the iPad 2, the leak source says that it will come with a larger speaker, a faster chip, more RAM, GSM and CDMA support, but it will keep the same screen resolution as the first iPad.

Can’t they just launch the iPad 3 today instead, if this is true?