We were puzzled when we heard that the Czech Republic would get the iPad 2 a full month later than it should have, but now things aren’t as bad as we thought they would be. It appears that the listing of the product has been adjusted right here, so the new iPad will still debut on March 25, as initially scheduled.

This launch will include about 26 more countries, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Spain and many more. As far as the reason for the Czech listing of the April 25 date, it could have been an honest mistake, not a sign of stock issues. It’s true that in the States it’s hard to find an iPad 2 these days, since it’s been sold out fast, plus Apple has to deal with component supply issues, because of the Japan quake.

The slate goes for $499 in the States, in its cheapest version and $629 for the 3G one and we’re really curios to learn how many units Apple sold this month, once the device goes international.