If you’re looking for a hot offer, we’ve got a $69 iPad 2 in the 16GB flavor. Don’t get your hopes up, since by now Sears.com must have figured out that it made a boo-boo and fixed the error. This price was in fact a mistake and those who took advantage of it must be really lucky guys.

Also, strangely enough the listing says you’ll save a huge “$30” by using this deal, also mentioning the original price of $99.99. Any of these prices sounds good to me, but too bad they’re only errors in the system. Of course, the item got removed from the list, although this page remains on the interwebs for eternal testimony.

Right now, we’ve got the 16GB iPad 2 priced at $499.99, as it should. We’ve yet to confirm if the purchases made with the wrong price will come through, but maybe you know more than we do, if you managed to order a unit through this lucky promotion.