If you forgot about Archos, it’s best that you remember the products unveiled by this brand last month. I’m talking about the two G9 slates: the 8 incher Archos 80 and the 10 inch 101 unit. Well, in case you want to break your piggy bank, know that you’ll be doing that in September.

The 8 inch model goes for $299.99 and the bigger slate will retail for $369.99, with these price tags referring to 8GB base models. These units can reach up to 250GB in storage, thanks to Seagate’s 7mm Momentus Thin HDDs. Under the hood of both models there’s a dual core OMAP4 CPU at 1.5GHz and these devices will also come with Android market support and HDMI output.

You’ll use a 3G dongle with the full size USB port on the slates, providing it the needed connectivity. Will these units also get Android Ice Cream Sandwich? Let’s hope so!