The Online Publishers Association (OPA) released a new study that examines the attitudes of today’s tablet users. It also shows the iOS and Android tablet usage level and I must mention that the number of people who own iPads versus Android tablets has evened from 72% versus 32% to 52% versus 51% this year.

The Kindle Fire contributed greatly to this increase. As you can see, the iPad 2 is still the most popular iOS slate, with 31%, followed by the original iPad, at 22% and the iPad 3 at 8%. Kindle Fire has 28%, followed by some Galaxy Tab model with 13% (unless all the Galaxy Tabs are lumped in together) and other Android models with 10%. At 9% we find the Nook from B&N, while the HP TouchPad gets a surprising 8%. Overall tablet usage for accessing the Internet has grown to 31% in the USA, a jump from last year’s 12%.

This means that there are now 74 million more tablet users and the predictions say that this adoption rate will continue, reaching 47% penetration by 2013. Right now, slate owners user their devices for 13.9 hours per week on average, 74% of them using them daily and 60% several times a day. 94% of tablet usage involves accessing content and information, then Internet, checking email and watching videos.