The folks of 9to5Mac were lucky enough to be given a demo of iOS 7 behind the scenes, before today’s announcement at WWDC 2013. They took the info in and rendered a potential UI of the OS, with the result being the image below.


I have to say I’m totally underwhelmed by how flat this is and as you can see, the icons have been changed totally. The new UI is flatter and more matte, so the gloss and 3D effects are gone. The site claims that the iconography has been flattened out in some cases, while in others there are completely new graphics in place. For example, the Photos icon lost the sunflower, being replaced with a rainbow colored flower with many petals.


A similar approach was chosen for the Game Center, that’s now represented by some colored bubbles. Even the signal bar has been tweaked and it’s now represented by dots (5 small round ones in a line). The dock at the bottom of the homescreen is a simple transparent line now. I have to say that everything looks bland and soulless now, if this is the approach that Apple is taking.

Hopefully Apple will surprise us with something other than this UI… What do you think about it?