Apple has already unveiled its iPads and a few services, but the next bit thing they’ll be detailing will be software. iOS 13 should get some serious details at WWDC 2019 in June, but till then we have some fresh leaks.

The rumor mill is saying that iOS 13 will include a system wide dark mode, for both the iPhone and iPad. That’s supposed to mirror what Google and its hardware partners have been doing on Android lately. It’s not just inverted colors, but rather carefully chosen contrasts and darker menus. iOS 13 will also have a volume HUD that replaces the current annoying version.

There will also be a redesigned Reminders app and improved multilingual support for keyboards and dictation. The iPad exclusive features are not forgotten, so iOS 13 will bring an improved multitasking, letting apps have multiple windows. Each of the windows may contain sheets attached to a part of the screen, that can be detached by dragging it.

You will also be able to drag the card around as you please, or even stack them on top of each other. iPads will also get a brand new undo gesture, using 3 fingers and swiping left and right will let you undo and redo. The slates with this new iOS will feature a version of Safari that automatically asks for the desktop version of a site, instead of the iPhone one.

Expect a new Mail, with better organized emails, new gestures for multiple item selections and much more. Expect a beta in June and debut in the fall. Who’s hyped?

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