We’re used to seeing smartphones with ARM chipsets and every once in a while we spot an Intel-based device. Intel is more likely to appear on tablets, though. However, the likes of Snapdragon and Mediatek have largely taken over the mobile device segment. New info from inside Intel tells us that the chip maker has pretty much thrown the towel.


As you know Intel has been downsizing business and laying off people, apparently in order to cut off the troubled Atom arm. Intel Broxton and SoFIA, chips meant for this year are said to have been canned and the Cherry Trail will also suffer the same fate. Intel just can’t seem to sell enough of these chips to their partners.

The Cherry Trail already overlapped with the core M series, so it all makes sense. Windows fans have to know this is bad news for them, since it could affect the rumored Surface Phone and future Surface devices (the likes of Surface 3 and Surface 4). Such models have always relied on a lesser mobile SOC, and the Surface non Pro units relied on Tegra ARM chips and Cherry Trail on the latest unit.

Of course, we may see something crazy like Microsoft making its own chip, but I can’t see them doing that. Qualcomm will probably snatch that deal… Basically, it’s RIP Intel in the mobile device area. Maybe this creates room for AMD?