Chuwi is one of the most prolific maker of 2 in 1 devices and tablets lately and they’ve been using quite a few Intel solutions. Who better to show us the advantage of such chipsets than this company, that recently detailed what the difference is between the Intel Z8350 and the N3450 processor.

The N3450 is a newer CPU, that replaces the older Z8350. Both chips are quad core, quad thread units, with the Z8350 clocked at 1.44 GHz and able to reach 1.92 GHz. Meanwhile, the N3450 is clocked at 1.1 GHz and is able to reach 2.2 GHz via Turbo mode. The lower frequency brings improved control over the power usage during basic tasks and also a boost of power in more intensive tasks.

Tests and graphs show that the Celeron N3450 CPU is 30% superior to the Atom Z8350, when it comes to CPU performance, while the GPU gets a 70% boost, as shown in GeekBench. The test model here was the Chuwi Hi 13, compared to the Chuwi Hi10 Pro (with the Z8350). The first model is able to double the GeekBench score in the multi core test compared to the second one.

Celeron has come a long way…